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Alcohol Regulatory

It’s not called a “Highly-Regulated” industry because it’s easy to navigate

Our Experience Matters

Barnes Beverage’s legal and compliance teams represent decades of experience in the alcohol regulatory space. We have collectively reviewed and counseled clients on hundreds of marketing and advertising campaigns, from small social media programs to national television advertisements and product rollouts.

The firm offers Trade Practice support, including:

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    50 State Surveys into the feasibility of proposed consumer promotions, including giveaways, contests & sweeps, and social media campaigns

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    Third-party marketing and advertising projects and associated agreements

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    Couponing and sweepstakes programs to support chain commitments and retailer initiatives

For clients interested in advice related to Advertising, Contests & Sweepstakes, we have expertise across all manner of products and strategies.

For example, we provide counsel on:

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    State rules surrounding alcohol-related sweeps and advertising

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    Risk analysis and review of marketing campaigns and copy for new products

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    Social media rules and regs, both for alcohol issues, in addition to common FTC, FDA, and trade association requirements

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    Training and support to ensure your internal team is prepared to create marketing, labels, and project plans are risk calibrated

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We have expertise in Labeling & Formulation.

We also have deep experience counseling clients on all manner of labeling and formulation issues and have assisted and trained internal client teams in obtaining federal formula and label approval with the TTB, state brand registrations, tax efficiencies in labeling and formulation, and navigating health-related claims (Low cal! Low carb! Pure! Natural!) for compliance.

Clients with M&A, due diligence, or cross-tier support needs come to us at all stages of their company’s cycle, from start-ups to mature, publicly-traded brands.

We can help:

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    Implement and create a distributor consolidation strategy;

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    Conduct due diligence on behalf of purchasers to identify distribution, permitting, and regulatory risks;

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    Support selling companies on due diligence responses, including pre-sale preparation and positioning of general legal, regulatory, and distributor risks; and

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    Assess and suggest creative structuring for M&A or corporate structure to mitigate licensing impacts and cross-tier issues resulting from purchases or investors with multi-tier interests.

We're Here To Represent You!

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No matter how compliant you are, sometimes the TTB or a state agency comes knocking. We’ve been there! If you get any communication from an agency, we can help. We’ve represented companies against TTB and state agencies for license inquiries, cross tier questions, labeling concerns, and trade practices violations, among other issues.

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