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General Counsel

You can count on us to learn your business and provide tailored, risk-based advice on all topics in the highly-regulated alcohol beverage industry.

Counsel for Suppliers, Manufacturers, Brand Owners, Importers, and Retailers

Barnes Beverage excels as a fractional general counsel to companies with interests in the alcohol beverage sector. Our team is almost exclusively former alc-bev in-house counsel and compliance professionals. Whether our client is a manufacturer, brand owner, importer, or retailer, we have deep experience providing legal advice on all topics in this highly regulated industry, including:

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    Alcohol Beverage Strategy

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    Distribution Strategy

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    Intellectual Property

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    Commercial Agreements

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    Marketing and Advertising

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    Regulatory Issues

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    Compliance Issues

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We are part of your team.

We work as part of your internal team when we act as your virtual general counsel. Our team regularly manages and sets strategies for disputes and corporate issues, supporting clients through due diligence, whether as buyers or sellers.

We have regular meetings with the client’s executive, sales, and marketing teams, and support the HR function. We also audit and recommend company strategies traditionally supported by the legal function, including policy implementation, data retention policies, and managing external counsel.

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